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Washington State Register Citations

Chapter 388-01 WAC

The department is amending WAC 388-01-020 “How is DSHS organized?”, 388-01-030 “What public records are available?”, and WAC 388-01-060 “How may an individual request a public record? “

DSHS Public Records Officer
(360) 902-8484
WSR 18-18-082

WAC 388-02-0025(2)

WAC 388-02-0025(2) currently lists the Vancouver Office of Administrative Hearings (which no longer exists), misidentifies the Spokane Valley Office of Administrative hearings as the "Spokane" field office, and does not list the current Tacoma Office of Administrative Hearings and other necessary locate and contact information. WAC 388-02-0025(2) needs to be amended to effect these changes.

James Conant
(360) 664-6081

WSR 15-18-051

Objection Deadline: November 3, 2015

WAC 388-02-0025(2)

Accuracy in providing location addresses for OAH offices.

Jim Conant

(360) 664-6081

WSR 13-23-099

Objection Deadline: January 22, 2014