After DSHS approves my good cause claim, can I change my mind and ask DCS to collect support?

After DSHS approves your good cause not to cooperate with DCS, you may decide that circumstances have changed and that you now want DCS to pursue child support. If you want to withdraw your good cause claim, contact the CSO if you are still receiving TANF or medical assistance. When the CSO tells DCS that you withdrew your good cause claim, DCS can open your support case and start collecting support.

If you do not get TANF or medical assistance, you may contact DCS and complete an application for child support services. You can download the child support application online, complete it, sign it, and then send it to DCS.

When you no longer get TANF and medical assistance, you do not have to return to the CSO to withdraw your good cause claim to get DCS to start collecting child support. If the DCS worker tells you to go to the CSO, explain that because you are no longer on TANF or medical assistance, the CSO does not have to get involved. If the DCS worker insists that you have to return to the CSO, ask to talk to another staff person.

Remember, while your good cause claim was in effect, it did not stop the child support debt owed by the other parent from growing. If there is a support order, the amount of support owed each month continued to add up the entire period of time good cause was in effect.

When good cause ends, DCS will send the other parent notice of the debt owed. Think about how the other parent is going to react to receiving notice of this debt from DCS. This is an important part of ongoing safety planning for survivors faced with this type of situation.