Disaster Cash Assistance Program

Revised November 1, 2011


This section describes a cash program available because of a disaster declared by the Governor. It is available to families or individuals including families or individuals with no children who face an emergency and do not have the money to meet their basic needs. This program is available only once within a twelve-month period.

WAC 388-436-0055 What is the Disaster Cash Assistance Program (DCAP)?

WAC 388-436-0060 How much money can I receive from the Disaster Cash Assistance Program (DCAP)?

Clarifying Information - ​WAC 388-436-0055

The disaster for individuals must be declared by the Governor. When the disaster is declared, Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) will authorize the Disaster Cash Assistance Program (DCAP) to provide funds for families and individuals with or without children who have suffered losses as a result of the disaster.

  1. The following applies to DCAP:
    1. The applicant had to have been living in the declared disaster area before the disaster happened. Having a vacation home does not count for residency.
    2. The applicant must have suffered a loss of income or property as a result of the disaster.
    3. The CEAP income rules apply to DCAP. See WAC 388-436-0045.
    4. The applicant must apply for any other assistance available, such as:
      1. TANF/SFA/RCA
      2. ABD cash
      3. Basic Food Assistance
      4. Medical
      5. Unemployment compensation
  2. Under DCAP, applicants are not required to:
    1. Meet citizenship or alien requirements; or
    2. Provide a Social Security number.


Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-436-0055

  1. Review the application (DSHS 12-207) with the DCAP applicant. The applicant may request help with any of the basic requirements listed in WAC 388-436-0055 (2) without verifying the need with a bill or receipt unless questionable.
  2. Explain to the DCAP applicant the limited availability of this program.

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-436-0060

You use CEAP rules when calculating the income and resources for DCAP.
The differences between DCAP and CEAP are how the program looks at household composition and deductions:

  1. Household composition:
    1. Does not require a dependent minor child to be in the home.
  2. Deductions:
    1. The disaster losses can be used as a deduction from the income/resources calculation.
    2. The losses are only used if the applicant does not expect to be reimbursed (such as insurance settlement) during the month of application.


Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-436-0060

  1. Determine who must be included in the household. This is anyone the applicant declares as being financially responsible for or who shares the financial responsibility.
  2. Proof of the income, resources, or expenses is not required unless questionable.
  3. Complete the calculations using the DSHS 12-208 form.