Tribal IV-D and TANF Programs

Tribal IV-D Programs

Tribal IV-A and Tribal IV-D Programs with ACES SEMS Web Data Share Agreements with DSHS

Federal and State Forms (editable) for Tribal Child Support Programs
  1. OCSE Model Tribal Child Support Enforcement System-(MS PowerPoint)
  2. Comparison of State and Tribal IVD Regulations-(PDF)
  3. Introduction to the Tribal Child Support Enforcement Program-(MS PowerPoint)
  4. OCSE Update Regarding the Federal Tribal Child Support Program-(MS PowerPoint)
  5. Tribal Child Support Enforcement...Why Bother?-(MS PowerPoint)
  6. Tribal Child Support Enforcement: Everything You Wanted to Know...But Were Afraid to Ask-(MS PowerPoint)
  7. Tribal Child Support Enforcement - First Steps Checklist-(MS PowerPoint)
  8. TANF, Child Support and Employment Programs Partnerships-(MS PowerPoint)
  9. Federal Perspective Tribal TANF Programs and Child Support-(MS PowerPoint)
Other Resource Documents
  1. Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Tribal Program Resources-(MS Word)
  2. Tribal Child Support Program Summary-(MS Word)
  3. Tribal TANF Summary-(MS Word)
  4. Program Overviews: Tribal TANF, Child Support, Workforce Development-(MS Word)
  5. Native Employment Works (NEW) Program Summary-(MS Word)