Enroll for Child Support Services

Letter blocks on a wood table spelling out Child Support

DCS offices are closed to walk-in traffic due to COVID-19. We are available by phone (1-800-457-6202) or by email at DCS-CRU@dshs.wa.gov.

How to apply for child support

To receive our services, you’ll have to fill out some paperwork. You can get the paperwork by doing one of the following:

If you need assistance with your application, contact the Community Relations Unit at 1-800-457-6202 or DCS-CRU@dshs.wa.gov.
  • Fill out the requested information at this link or call 1-800-457-6202 to have the forms mailed to you, allowing 5-10 business days for delivery
  • Print the forms from this web page, see below under “Enrollment Forms”
  • Drop by any of our nine offices

When have filled out your paperwork to the best of your ability, be sure to sign the forms and any supporting documentation to:

By fax:                       Toll free 1-866-668-9518

By Mail:                     Division of Child Support                           
                                   Central Services
                                   P.O. Box 11520
                                  Tacoma, WA 98411

Once we receive your forms, you will receive a letter within 7-10 days. Send one set of forms for each noncustodial parent. If you have any questions about enrolling for child support services, please call 1-800-457-6202.

Enrollment forms

Please fill out the forms in the column that best applies to you. 

To receive child support     

To pay child support

To receive reimbursement for child care 

Print, complete, sign, then mail, fax or bring us the following forms:

  • Click here for the 18-078 Enrollment Form (called a Nonassistance Support Enforcement Services application) (English) and the 14-057 Child Support Enforcement Referral (English)
  • In Spanish: Click here for the 18-078 Enrollment Form (Spanish) and the 14-057 Child Support Enforcement Referral (Spanish)

If you already have a child support order, please fill out forms above as well as the following:

  • 18-433 Declaration of Support Payments (English)
  • In Spanish: 18-433 Declaration of Support Payments (Spanish)

Keep the following for your records:

  • 16-072 Nonassistance Support Enforcement Information (English)
  • In Spanish: 16-072sp Nonassistance Support Enforcement Information (Spanish)

Print, complete, sign then mail, fax or bring us the following forms:

  • 14-057B for paying parent complete the enrollment form (called the  Noncustodial Parent Child Support Enforcement Application) (English)
  • In Spanish: 14-057Bsp for paying parent complete the enrollment form (Spanish)

Keep the following for your records:

  • 16-107 Noncustodial Parent's Rights and Responsibilities (English)
  • In Spanish: 16-107sp Noncustodial Parent's Rights and Responsibilities (Spanish)

Print, complete, sign, then mail, fax or bring us the following documents:

  • 18-607 Child Care Verification (English)
  • In Spanish:18-607sp Child Care Verification (Spanish)

Video resources

The video below walks you through filling out an application to receive child support. 


I just want the Child Support Schedule Worksheets and instructions