County Best Practices

This web page hosts local, county and state work that is topical. Contribute to the page and keep an eye on the work in progress in Washington State for the integration of people with developmental disabilities in their communities. Share your best practices. Highlight work incentives that are effective in securing jobs in the public or private sector. Report on innovative projects.

The 2017 and 2018 Employment First Summit, hosted by the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE), was well attended and well received. Each community partner that attended the summit developed an action plan on how to advance employment. The plans are at the local level and will help our state advance employment for all.

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Best Practices Documents

  Title County/State
Administrative References
  Account Code Crosswalk (effective February 2018) Headquarters
  Budgeting and Accounting Reporting System (BARS) Headquarters
  Community Guide and Community Inclusion Guidelines (2019) Headquarters
  Community Inclusion Billable Activities   Headquarters
  Community Inclusion Frequently Asked Questions (2018) Headquarters
  Community Inclusion Plan / Progress Form Headquarters
  Community Inclusion Plan / Progress Form Instructions Headquarters
  Community Inclusion Plan Quality Review Tool (2018) Headquarters
  County Classification (MSA / Non-MSA / King) Headquarters
  County Guide to Achieve DDA Guiding Values Headquarters
  Criteria for Evaluation 2019-2021 Headquarters
  DDA Additional Hour Request Form 2018 Headquarters
  DDA / County Program Agreement Headquarters
  DDA / County Program Agreement Data Security Requirements Headquarters
  DDA County Staff and County Providers Background Check FAQs Headquarters
  DDA Self-Employment Guidelines Headquarters
  DDA Employment Calculator Incorporated into CARE County Training (2018) Headquarters
  DVR-DDA MOU (2018) Headquarters
  DVR Business Model (2017) Headquarters
  Discovery Frequently Asked Questions Headquarters
  Employment Activities Strategies and Progress / Outcome Measures Headquarters
  Employment Plan – 6 Values of an Excellent Plan Headquarters
  Employment Plan / Progress form Headquarters
  Employment Plan / Progress form instructions Headquarters
  Employment Plan Quality Review Tool (2016) Headquarters
  Employment Services Frequently Asked Questions Headquarters
  Group Supported Employment and Pre-Vocational Services Service Guidelines Minimum Expectations 2013 Headquarters
  Individual Employment Billable Activities Headquarters
  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Headquarters
  Individualized Technical Assistance (ITA) Instructional Guide 2017 Headquarters
  Individualized Technical Assistance (ITA) Request Form 2017 Headquarters
  ISP’s, PAN’s, & Process Headquarters
  Policies Headquarters
  Reimbursable Source of Funds Definitions Headquarters
  Service Information Forms Headquarters
  Service Level Guidelines – Travel and Service Time FAQ Headquarters
  Washington Protection and Advocacy (WPAS) Access Agreement Headquarters
ADSA Web Access “AWA”  or Case Management Information System “CMIS”
  AWA Access Request Form Headquarters
  AWA Billing Instructions (Effective August 2019) Headquarters
  AWA Data Dictionary Headquarters
  AWA User Training Manual Headquarters
  AWA User Change Control Headquarters
  CMIS System Overview Presentation Headquarters
  Employment Outcomes Instructions & Job Type Codes Headquarters
  Employment Outcomes & Planned Rates User Training Headquarters
  Update Planned Rates “How To” Headquarters
  Leadership and Education Snohomish
  Jameson Hope Lending Library Snohomish
  Special Education Resources Snohomish
  Support and Information for Families Snohomish
County Monitoring Tool Kit
  Jefferson County Coordinator Desk Manual 2015  
  King County Employment Provider General Requirements 2015  
  Lewis County Background Check and Mandatory Reporting Policy 2014  
  Spokane County Fiscal Monitoring Tool 2014  
  Snohomish County Monitoring Process Schedule 2013  
  Thurston County Agency Monitoring Tools 2013  
  Walla Walla Monitoring Tool Engagement Letter 2013  
Data Security Best Practices
  Security Awareness Training for DSHS Contractors  
  Encryption Products (2016)  
  Policy and Procedure: Access to DSHS Data  
  Policy and Procedure: Building Security  
  Policy and Procedure: DSHS Data Kept Separate  
  Policy and Procedure: DSHS Form 03-374b Confidentiality Statement  
  Policy and Procedure: Lost, Stolen or Damaged DSHS Data  
  Policy and Procedure: Office Security  
  Policy and Procedure: Secure Email System  
  Policy and Procedure: Security Awareness Training
  2017 Employment First Summit: Data Slides (PowerPoint)  
  2017 Employment First Summit: Local Level Plans (PDF)  
  DVR Business Model  
  DDA Guidelines for Community Based Assessments within Employment Services  
  DDA Self-Employment Policy Guidelines  
  State Employment Leadership Network (Unpaid, Work, and Volunteer)  
  Service Guidelines Minimum Expectations for GSE and PVS (07/01/2013)  
  CMS Informational Bulletin: Updates to the §1915 (c) Waiver Instructions and Technical Guide (9-16-11)  
  Strengthening and Expanding Community Access Services:  Community Access Workgroup Recommendations (12/19/11)  
  Workgroup Recommendations and Plan for a New Approach to Employment and Day Services: Report to the Legislature (12/5/2011)  
  2010 WA Employment Report  
  A Guide to the Working Age Adult Policy and Pathway to Employment Services (Jefferson County Public Health DD Program, 2008) Jefferson
  Cross County Collaboration Pilot Project Final Report (10-30-09) King, Snohomish
  Executive Summary, A Guide to the Working Age Adult Policy and Pathway to Employment Services (Jefferson County Public Health DD Program, 2008) Jefferson
  House Human Services Committee Work Session: Working Age Adult Policy (06-30-2008)  
  Working Age Adults with DD: Presentation by Linda Rolfe, Denise Rothleutner, & Mary Strehlow (OSPI Collaboration Conference, 3-29-07)  
  A Guide: My Pathway to Employment Planning Services – Clallam County (7/06) Clallam
  Client Flow Chart (01/2006) - this chart is intended to help guide clients to appropriate county services. Yakima
  Ellensburg Employment Conference 2005 - Final Report  
  Hire Ability Day Spokane
  Working-Age Adults Policy 4.11 Central Office
  Person-Centered Employment Plan Development Grays Harbor
  Supported Employment Micro-Enterprise Manual Clallam
  Supported Employment Resources:  A Categorized Bibliography - May 2006  
  Letter from Linda Rolfe on Expand Employment 2005-07 Central Office
  Notes from the County Summit (10/20/2005)     Central Office
  Department of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wages     Central Office
  Paths to Financial Eligibility     Central Office
  County ProviderOne ACHS Presentation, August 2016 Headquarters
  County ProviderOne Webinar, 8/31/2016 Headquarters
  County P1 Post Implementation Webinar, 9/20/2016 Headquarters
  DDA Employment and Day Reconciliation Report Training Document 2017 Headquarters
  P1 County Procedure Codes Headquarters
Social Security and Benefits
  Employment and Your Benefits  
  Minimum Wage Security and Supplemental Security Income Benefits  
  SSDI and Employment  
  SSI and Medicaid  
  Title II and Medicare  
  2019 Why Apply to the Developmental Disabilities Administration Combined Translations  
  Transition Planning Guide - this guide is distributed to schools, students and families each year. Benton/Franklin
  School to Work Project Update (12-1-09) King
  Social Security Benefits Analysis & Planning: Presentation by Emily Hart (OSPI Collaboration Conference, 3-29-07) Pierce
  Transition Services: Presentation by Linda Rolfe, Denise Rothleutner, & Mary Strehlow (OSPI Collaboration Conference, 3-29-07)  
  WA State Developmental Disabilities Administration Jobs by 21 Partnership Project Report for FY2008 (12/1/2008)  
  WA State Developmental Disabilities Administration Jobs by 21 Partnership Project for FY2009 (12/29/10)  

County Developmental Disabilities Websites

Not all counties have websites devoted to services for those with developmental disabilities. Those we are aware of are listed below. If you know of a site we do not have listed please contact the DDA webmaster.