Patient Information

  • What to expect when you get to ESH
  • Types of services/treatment
  • After you arrive
  • Where you will live
  • How meals are served
  • How long patients stay.
  • Cost 
  • Using technology

Adult Psychiatric Unit (APU) - APU is a 91 bed unit that provides inpatient hospitalization for adults 18 to 50 years old who are severely mentally ill and are committed for evaluation and treatment by a civil court proceeding.

Geropsychiatric Unit  (GPU) -  GPU is a 101 bed unit that provides inpatient  psychiatric evaluation and treatment for individuals 50 years of age and older, or persons under 50 years of age with medical concerns.  Included in GPU is the Habilitation Mental Health (HMH) Unit.  The HMH  consists of patients who are dually diagnosed with a mental illness and a developmental disability.

Forensic Services Unit (FSU) - FSU is a 95 bed inpatient unit for patients who enter the forensic (legal) unit in the hospital through the criminal justice system. Evaluation and treatment services are provided for adults prior to their trial, after they are convicted, or after they are acquitted by reason of insanity.

Treatment Malls - Eastern State Hospital provides a treatment program that recognizes the worth, dignity and rights of all patients.  Treatment focuses on the psychiatric illness and behavioral issues which make hospitalization necessary.  The treatment programs are conducted in an area termed the "Treatment Mall."  ESH maintains two treatment malls, one is located in the activity building and the second is on the first floor in GPU.