Informal Dispute Resolution Adult Family Home Pilot Project

Beginning this fall, Residential Care Services (RCS) will launch a pilot project using a panel rather than specialized RCS staff for Adult Family Home (AFH) Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) reviews. 

Pilot Overview

The purpose of the panel is to conduct Informal Dispute Resolution meetings for Adult Family Home Providers.  The panel will hear opinions and review documents from AFH provider’s as well as the RCS staff responsible for issuing the citations and/or enforcement actions in dispute.

The panel will make recommendations to the RCS panel chair regarding the citation(s) in dispute.This panel will include two AFH providers, one RCS staff, one service consumer (for example, a resident, resident representative, ombuds, etc.) and an RCS panel chair. We will begin evaluating the effectiveness of the panel after three months and report outcomes in the months that follow.  We expect the IDR panel project to last for six months before making any decisions about whether or not it will expand to other programs.  

Panel Member Recruitment

RCS is looking for volunteer AFH providers and residents or resident advocates to serve on the panel who are able to:

  • Become familiar with and understand the AFH regulations;
  • Commit one day each month for IDR panel review meetings ;
  • Commit to reviewing confidential materials to prepare for the IDR review meeting;
  • Listen to provider and RCS staff presentations;
  • Make impartial recommendations to the panel based on your assessment of written and verbal presentations;
  • Attend IDR Training.

If you are a provider or consumer interested in participating on the AFH IDR Pilot Panel, please submit a brief letter of your interest along with a volunteer application (DSHS 15-186).   You can submit these documents to or via fax (360) 725-3225.  We will be collecting IDR application materials on an ongoing basis.

If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Rhonda Schultz, Volunteer Specialist, at (360) 725-2482 or Mike Tornquist, IDR Unit Manager, (360) 725-2383.