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Types of services that help an adult remain at home. Finding other places to live and get care. Finding caregiver resources and information.

Many chronic illnesses that affect adults are listed below. Just the major, national organizations are listed. There are many additional websites you may find helpful. There will be additional links on the websites below or use any of the major internet search engines to find additional sites.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has an on-line booklet called After Your Diagnosis – Finding Information and Support. The booklet offers general advice and tips on how to learn more about almost any disease or condition and how it can be treated. Organizations, publications, and other resources are included if you would like to know more. This document is also available in Spanish.

The website MedlinePlus includes easy to understand information and illustrations on the causes, risks, symptoms, tests, treatment, and additional references on over 4000 diseases. See below for some other websites for some common diseases and conditions.

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Are you caring for a person with dementia? 
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Asbestos related illness



Eye Diseases (cataract, glaucoma)


Heart Disease

Huntington's Disease

Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)


Mental Health/Illness

Multiple Sclerosis




Traumatic Brain Injury

Vascular Disease

Vision Loss