DEM1 – Client Demographic 1

What is the DEM1 screen?

The DEM1 screen displays basic demographic information such as name, date of birth, social security number, race, ethnicity, marital status, and living arrangement for each client in the AU.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the DEM1 screen?

Please refer to the <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Alt Name: Enter [Y] – Yes if the client has reported alternate names.
  2. SSA/SSN Referral: Enter the appropriate referral code.
  3. SSN App Date: Enter the date the social security number application was received in the local office.
  4. SSN1: Enter the client’s Social Security Number (SSN).
    • Social Security Numbers are matched with information the Federal Government has listed in the Social Security system. For more information, see Interface Data.
  5. DOB: Enter client’s date of birth.
  6. Sex: Enter the appropriate gender code.
  7. Race: Enter client’s race code.
    • Up to five valid values may be entered if a client identifies with multiple races.
    • Spanish/Hispanic Origin is reported separately.
  8. SSN for work only: Enter the Undocumented Aliens SSN that is used for work purposes only.
  9. SDX Auto Open OK?: If an SSI client has died or moved out of state, entering an [N] – No in this field stops the AUTO Open SSI process and entering a [Y] – Yes allows the Auto Open SSI process to resume.
  10. WA Res: Enter client’s WA residency status.
  11. Place of Birth: Enter the City, State, and Hospital where the client was born.
  12. Marital Status: Enter client’s marital status code.
  13. Liv Arng: Enter client’s living arrangement code.
    • Re-entry of the valid value in the Liv Arng field is required when there is a change to residential address on the ADDR screen for any household member with a Finl Resp code of PN – Applicant, RE – Recipient, RC – Recipient of cash only or RM – CA Ineligible Person Receiving MA Only.
    • If any current AU member’s Liv Arng field is homeless, the living arrangement code for all AU members with Finl Resp of PN, RE, RC, RN or RM must be re-entered.
  14. Homeless End Date: Enter the date the homelessness ended.
    • Entry in this field is required when the valid value of EH – Emergency Housing/Shelter, HH – Homeless with Housing, HO – Homeless without Housing, or BT – Battered Spouse Shelter in the Liv Arng field is changed to a stable housing situation such as AH – At Home.
    • Once the Homeless End Date is entered, it remains regardless of changes to the Liv Arng code until a homeless status living arrangement code is entered.
  15. Placement End Date: Enter the Temporary Placement End date field to record the anticipated end date of the Temporary Placement.
  16. NCPs For Child: Enter the number of non-custodial parents for that child.
    • Entry in this field is required for TANF and/or TANF related medical applicants.
  17. Placement section:
    • The CD and Date fields are used to identify and track children in Foster Care placement.
    • These fields can only be entered by the Foster Care Medical Unit.
  18. Child Relin: Enter [Y] – Yes in this field if a pregnant woman relinquished her only eligible child for adoption.
    • Entry in this field will open AF-9 for the client with a certification period that ends with the month of the 42nd day from birth. Make sure the pregnancy due date is the same as the newborn's birth date. This will ensure the 6 weeks of additional assistance is calculated correctly. At the end of the AF-9 period, ACES will change the program to MA type P.
  19. Pregnant section:
    • Due Date: Enter the client’s due date.
    • Num Expect: Enter the number of babies that the woman is expecting.
      • ¨ Entry is required for pregnant clients.
  20. Nav Am Tribe: Enter the four digit tribal affiliation code  in the Nav Am Tribe field if appropriate for each member of the Assistance Unit (AU).                                                             
  • If a person belongs to a tribe not on the list, Enter 9999
  • For "No Tribal Affiliation" Enter 0000
  1.  In the Ind Res field, enter [Y] – Yes or [N] – No depending on whether the client is living on a reservation.

What function keys are available on the DEM1 screen?

DEM1 Function Keys

When the user presses

This happens

<F14> - nmiq

The NMIQ screen displays.

<F15> - solq

The SOLQ screen displays.

<F22> - wtpy

SVES - WTPY Inquiry displays.


DEM1 screen